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Space Simply

Protect Your Home.
List your home
With Space Simply
and Keep Your Equity!

Why Does Space Simply Exist?

All the Benefits,
While Costing You Much Less!

500,000 home, costs you...

Example 7%
Space Simply Structure of $2495+3%

Space Simply can save you up to 17,505

Why Space Simply?
Sell & Buy a Home With the Experts.

Intrigued by the idea of keeping more of your proceeds? The first step in learning more and getting started is filling out the form below. One of the market's top agents will be in touch with you shortly to answer any questions you may have about Space Simply and help you get started with selling your home.


Space Simply

Traditional Agent

For Sale by Owner

Yard Signs
Active on MLS
Active on, & 100+
more sites
Realtor Lockbox
Low Flat Fee
High Resolution
Showing Feedback
Weekly Internet
Traffic Report
Weekly Posting
to Craiglist
Coordinate Legal
Abstract & Closing
No Upfront Fee
(or Cost)
Pricing Analysis
by Realtor

How It Works:
Selling Your Home with Space Simply’s Model

woman with partner shakes the hand of a businessman

1. Consult

Let Space Simply visit your home and prepare a detailed market analysis to help you determine the optimal price range, ideal timeframe, and establish the estimated proceeds for your home based on comparable homes in your area. Space Simply can also help with staging advice, necessary home renovations and other suggestions to help you get the maximum value for your home.

close up image of a man using a tablet, scrolling through home listings

2. List

When you list with Space Simply, you receive all the benefits of any other full commission real estate agency at a lower cost with a flat rate on the listing side. We include professional photography, Supra Lockboxes on all listings, Yard Signs, and our listings feed out to all the national websites: Zillow, Trulia,,,, Yahoo Real Estate, CNNMoney, and hundreds of others.

To top it off, there are no upfront fees to list your home. At closing, the $2,495 listing fee is collected as part of the regular closing process. At the same time, you will compensate the buyer's representative. You don't pay anything until your home closes!

close up image of red

3. Showing the Home

Space Simply takes care of everything - we coordinate showings and provide feedback from potential buyers after each showing. This allows us to collaborate on strategies to sell the home at the highest possible price while meeting your desired timeframe.

couple shakes the hand of a businessman, holding keys to new home

4. Negotiate

Working with Space Simply makes the negotiation process effortless. Space Simply negotiates with the buyer side to return the highest offer possible while also organizing inspections, assisting with coordinating legal abstracts, and communicating with the closing company to get everything wrapped up.

close up image of red

5. Closing

Avoid the hassle of closing documents, proceeds checks, paying contractors and final negotiations. Space Simply takes care of it all. We partner with a professional, experienced closing company in Central Iowa to help the closing process be seamless.

Trust the Home Selling Experts!
Call Cy to Set up a Meeting and Talk
through the Current State of the Market

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Buy Your Dream Home

Are you ready to buy the home of your dreams in Central Iowa? Space Simply and our experienced real estate agents make buying your new home a seamless and hassle-free experience. Through our effective and efficient home buying process, finding the home meant for you will be an exciting milestone

It is our goal to provide you with the tools and expertise necessary to ensure your home buying experience goes smoothly through each step. When you buy your home with Space Simply you receive:

  • Education on current market trends
  • Guidance on homes or features that meet your needs and wants
  • Connections to other professionals needed throughout the purchase process
  • Negotiation for the "best" price on your future home
  • Solve any problems that may occur
  • and much more!

How It Works:
Buying a Home in Today’s Market

man and woman sit at a glass table with a phone and papers on it, in a meeting

1. Prepare

Have a meeting with Cy to talk through the current state of the market. Share what you are looking for, go through what the current options are, and have Cy set up a detailed search so you can stay on top of the market.We will then pinpoint homes within the geographic area of interest you provide that will best match all of your needs and specific criteria, as well as any wants and wish list items.

businessman uses a calculator on a table, in a meeting with a couple

2. Financing

Before you get too far into the home buying process, you will need to secure financing. Our preferred lender will take care of you from start to finish. You will need to communicate what amount you are comfortable paying every month and the leader will guide an approrate price range of home. Once you have decided on a budget, and been pre-approved, Space Simply will find properties that fit your budget and the needs of your family.

a couple holding a baby tours a home with their realtor

3. Search

In the third step, we begin the search for your future home with the criteria provided to us in step one. It is our goal at Space Simply to make finding your dream home as effortless as possible for you, the buyer.

couple smiles as they shake the hand of home buyer/realtor

4. Make an Offer

Once we have found the home of your dreams, it is time to get to work! The next step is putting in the offer. At this point, Space Simply will begin to negotiate the best price for your home. There are many more considerations than just asking price when it comes to purchasing a home; we make sure that all of those unique elements are factored into the offer. Price, close date, lending concessions, included items, contingencies, allowances, etc.

family of three receives keys to their new home from their realtor

5. Close

The last (and most exciting) step to the home buying process is officially closing on your home. At this point, Space Simply, with your guidance, will have negotiated your offer and final closing price for the home of your dreams. a space simply will help coordinate communicate throghtout the closing process, ensuring all that left is to sign on the dotted line and enjoy your new home.

Buy Your Dream Home With Space Simply.
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Interested in working with Space Simply? When you schedule your consultation, you will work directly with Cy in a one-on-one meeting to discuss the current state of the market, timing considerations, comps, and specific numbers to make the most educated and best decision for your family.

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